Even the best can be shaken scared

Even the best can be shaken scared

While I’ve admitted openly before, I am not a fan of the big equitation classes, I enjoy when you see these teenagers who we think are holier than the rest admit to the same fears and nerves we all struggle with. We need to remember these two very important things when it comes to this sport we hold so dear. 1) We are only human. Unless it is something we do day in and day out, we cannot expect to be perfect every time we decide to show. 2) Horses are big, big, flight animals. We practice, we work hard, we learn something with each ride. But at the end of the day, they are too big for us to bully or fight them into doing something they dont want to do. You have to know when to say when. People love to judge these kids because they were born with an advantage in life and can use it. But at some point, talent and hard work outweigh money. 

Im dying to see the final test video. As soon as I find it, I will post it. It sounds like she rode the shit out of the course. But I refuse to sit and watch the wannabes. And my computer hates live video feed. 

Excited for adult week because….THEN ITS ZONE FINALS!!! Several friends are competing, others I know via showing, and Im excited to go watch. I dont know why all zones dont have finals. States too far apart? 


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